Monday, October 17, 2011

This is Not for You!

I was packing away my summer clothes and came across a beautiful skirt and wrap shirt that I bought from this amazing shop in Newburyport. It's called Tina's European Fashions and Tina is both a wonderful and terrifying woman.  She is a short woman with a powerful personality that quickly overwhelms you in the nicest possible way.  She soon figured out that I was interested in buying and honed in on me like a honey badger on a cobra. 

I tried on this gorgeous black, tan and grey skirt which did look amazing on me and was considering a filmy wrap-around top.  I went to try it on, but my boyfriend was in the dressing room.  Did this stop Tina, focused on making a sale? Hell, no. 

"Here...try on here," Tina urged me.  "Here" being her postage stamp sized shop with the door propped wide open as the tourists thronged past and wandered in.

"No...that's okay.  I'll just wait until...."  Tina was having none of it.  She yanked at my top and said, "Is okay....try on."  Well then...THAT was a persuasive argument.  Enough so that I found myself taking off my nice, modest top and handing it to Tina who promptly tossed it away.

Note to self:  It really should not be that easy to get my top off. Must work on establishing personal boundaries.

Now I'm standing in a store about ten feet from an open door, wearing only a bra and the lovely skirt with Tina trying to wrestle a wrap top on to me.  She discovers it's inside out and yanks it right off me just as one of those boaty, golfy, WASPY couples that you only see in New England and BBC mini series wander into the store.

not the actual couple

Tina turns and sees the couple gaping at me and barks "This is not for you!" causing them to bolt for the door just as my boyfriend emerges from the dressing room to see me standing giggling helplessly, half naked in the shop.  He eyes me and Tina who seems to be attempting to hog-tie me with the wrap top and mildly comments, "I like this shirt, I'm going to get it."

My boyfriend is hard to fluster.

Now that the dressing room is open I suggest (beg) Tina that we move in to a more private area and she, using the long lengths of the wrap tie like reins, guides me into the dressing room where she proceeds to show me dozens of ways to wear the wrap top, only one of which that I remember.

I buy the top and skirt and I have to say, it was the most fun I've ever had shopping.  So if you're ever in Newburyport, stop by Tina's European Fashions at 30 State Street.  Just don't go commando.

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