Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beaten by a Baby Doll

So it appears that I have two blogs, but I can't find the other blog that I started about the random people I encounter on public transportation.  So now this blog gets to be about that for awhile.  Which is fine, because ultimately both blogs are just about odd things that I obsess about.  Or in this case, odd people.

I have been watching one particular woman for months now on the bus.  At first I thought she was a weird looking little girl.  Then I saw the gray in her hair and realized she is actually a mature woman.  One who wears little girl dresses, bobby socks and bows in her tightly braided graying hair.  And aprons.  Lately she's been sporting aprons.

She gives off an odd, twitchy vibe and rarely speaks to anyone else.  She always has a little girl backpack and a bunch of small plastic bags stuffed in it, each containing a handful of food.  She'll nibble on them and read during the bus ride.  She also hates eye contact so most of these observations have occurred over the last 4 or 5 months.

I keep coming up with new theories about her.  Now, granted, I tend to live largely in my own head.  It's just more fun there.  So my imagination tends to take off when someone like this is thrown in my path.  My first conclusion is that she is bat shit crazy.  I reached this when she pulled out a large baby doll out of her little girl back pack.  I thought, "Wow....okay....nuts.  There we go. Case closed."  Then I quickly looked away because she caught me staring at the baby doll and I thought she was going to start beating me over the head with it.  Which would have been both terrifying and totally awesome at the same time.  I would go through that experience if I was guaranteed a video tape of it.

Then spring came and she discarded the bulky coat and I thought, "Oh...she's pregnant and the baby doll was for a parenting class and I'm kind of a judgmental asshole for assuming that just because she dresses like a twisted version of Cindy Brady that's she's nuts.  And I went with that for awhile.

Well, that was months ago and she has neither gotten bigger nor appeared with a real baby that isn't stuffed in her little girl backpack (hopefully, she hasn't opened it in awhile).  So now I have two choices.  She's either an oddly shaped woman with horrendous taste in clothing or she's kind of loopy.  I probably won't ever find out unless she actually decides to give me or someone else on the bus a beat down with a baby doll.  Which on my bus, is probably just a matter of time.

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